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Funds from Operations - Other (Statement of Cash Flows) 117 Funds from Operations - Total (Statement of Changes) 118 Geographic Area Code (COMPUSTAT Business Information Files) 118 Geographic Area Type (COMPUSTAT Business Information Files) 119 Global Industry Code (COMPUSTAT Business Information Files) 119 Goodwill 120 Historical SIC Code 12 On an income statement, operating expenses is the sum of a business's operating expenses for a period of time, such as a month or year. See also WIkipedia. In Compustat databases the variable Operating Expense is usually is an aggregate of several items of the income statement. Not all individual parts are reported also in separate variables, though. If you need to know which items have been included in the Operating Expense item you can download th Funds from Operations Other (Statement of Cash Flows) Numeric . IQ82 . Funds from Operation Total (Statement of Charges) Numeric . IQ83 . Sale of Property, Plant and Equipment (Statement of Cash Flows) Numeric . IQ84 . Sale of Common and Preferred Stock (Statement of Cash Flows) Numeric . IQ85 . Sale of Investments (Statement of Cash Flows) Numeric . IQ8 The following reporting formats are identified on Compustat: Format Code (data item #318) Statement 1 Working Capital Statement 2 Cash Statement by Source and Use of Funds 3 Cash Statement by Activity 5 Net Liquid Funds/Net Funds Classified by Source and Use of Funds (Canadian File Only) 7 Statement of Cash Flows Effective for fiscal years ending July 15, 1988 the SFAS #95 requires U. S.

VARIABLE TYPE DEFINITION ACCHG Num Accounting Changes Cumulative Effect ACCRT Num ARO Accretion Expense ACDO Num Current Assets of Discontinued Operations ACO Num Current Assets Other Total ACODO Num Other Current Assets Excl Discontinued Operations ACOMINC Num Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss) ACOX Num Current Assets Other Sundry ACQAO Num Acquired Assets - Other Long-Term ACQCSHI Num Shares Issued for Acquisition ACQGDWL Num Acquired Assets - Goodwill ACQIC Num Acquisitions. Standard & Poor's Compustat North America User's Guide Introduction i Operating Income Before Depreciation (Restated) 6 Pension Expense 6 Pretax Income 6 Research and Development Expense 6 Sales (Net) 6 Operating Margins 7 (Item) as a % of sales 7 Cash Flow Margin 8. 8/2003 Table of Contents iii Net Profit Margin (After-tax Profit Margin) 8 Operating Profit Margin After Depreciation 8. CFO1 = Operating Activities / Net Cash Flow (OANCFy) [Post 1987] CFO1 = Funds from Operations (FOPTy) [Pre 1987] - Change in Current Assets(ACTq) - Change in Debt in Current Liabilities (DLCq) + Change in Current Liabilities (LCTq) + Change in Cash (CHq) TA1 = Net Income (NIq) + Depreciation (DPq) - Cash Flow from Operations (CFO1 They further nd the net operating losses reported in Compustat include losses from foreign operations and losses that are associated with recent acquisitions; the use of these deductions for o.

Current Assets of Discontinued Operations: INTANO: 1: 352: iaitems: Other Intangibles: ALDO: 1: 353: iaitems: Long-term Assets of Discontinued Operations: ACODO: 1: 354: iaitems: Other Current Assets Excl Discontinued Operations: AODO: 1: 355: iaitems: Other Assets excluding Discontinued Operations: DRC: 1: 356: iaitems: Deferred Revenue/Current: ACOMINC: 1: 357: iaitem Obsolete Compustat Quarterly Data Schema Chapter 5 of Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management by Qian, Hua, Sorensen discuss a set of factors that derived from the Compustat Quarterly data. In Appendix A5.1 they describe how they calculate the factors in the chapter. Each factor is calculated from base Compustat values, whose numbers are given. Apparently, as of Oct. 2013 this Compustat database is obsolete. A Google search turned up a table published on the Boston College web site, under a.

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Funds from Operations - Other: FOPTY: 1: 82: iqitems: Funds From Operations / Total: SPPEY: 1: 83: iqitems: Sale of Property: SSTKY: 1: 84: iqitems: Sale of Common and Preferred Stock: SIVY: 1: 85: iqitems: Sale of Investments: DLTISY: 1: 86: iqitems: Long-Term Debt - Issuance: FSRCOY: 1: 87: iqitems: Sources of Funds - Other: FSRCTY: 1: 88: iqitems: Sources of Funds - Total: DVY: 1: 89: iqitems: Cash Dividends: CAPXY: 1: 90: iqitem The equivalent to the $C and $T sets from Research Insight would be to identify only those companies with a Company Status of Operating. This will identify those companies which are currently identified with the Company Status: Operating. However, if the search would have typically included $R as well, or the search is for a prior period, one could apply a Market Capitalization Screen with an as of date instead, which would require the companies to report Market. The Compustat Industrial Annual Research file contains companies that have been deleted from the Primary, Supplementary, Tertiary, and Full Coverage files due to bankruptcy, acquisition or merger, leveraged buyout, or because they became private companies. *** All of these files have data similar to the description for the INA file, which is as follows

Compustat, published by Standard and Poor's since 1962, is a widely used financial database and information provider. The service covers thousands of companies worldwide across hundreds of markets FFO (funds from operations) - funds from operations, which equal pre-tax income) (Compustat item pi) plus depreciation (dp) divided by total assets (at). FVIX (aggregate volatility risk factor - factor-mimicking portfolio that track COMPUSTAT ® (Global) Data Part I: Overview of COMPUSTAT (Global) Data August 2, 2002 28 Financial Services Income Statement - Combined Industry Format This model is an example of one of the income statements available for Financial Services companies ($F). The mnemonic for this income statement is GFISC. Data item name Mnemonic Revenue

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  1. Compustat data is standardized, not as reported by the company so there may be a difference from what is reported in the 10-K or 10-Q. Compustat standardizes data from the original filings to remove reporting variability and to allow for an accurate comparison across companies, industries and time. 1. Closing Pric
  2. ation of CRSP and of Compustat companies and securities side by side, regardless of CUSIP or ticker changes. CRSPLink is.
  3. Financial statements, same-store net operating income, and analyst estimates, including earnings per share, funds from operations, adjusted funds from operations, and net asset value Acquisitions/dispositions updated daily, current and historic reported occupancy and rental rates, and development pipeline
  4. operations. Our logit findings substantiate Casey and Bartczak's findings that cash flow from operations does not improve the classification results of failed and nonfailed companies. Additionally we found the dividend funds flow component in a logit model was significant in distinguishing between failed and nonfailed companies. In the next section we introduce a cash-based funds flow model to.
  5. The following reporting formats are identified on Compustat North America: Format Code (period descriptor) Statement 1 Working Capital Statement 2 Cash Statement by Source and Use of Funds 3 Cash Statement by Activity 5 Net Liquid Funds/Net Funds Classified by Source and Use of Funds (Canadian File only) 7 Statement of Cash Flow Effective for fiscal years ending July 15, 1988, SFAS #95.
  6. 1.. IntroductionWhile positive accounting theory suggests that accounting conservatism enhances efficiency in the debt contracting process (Watts and Zimmerman, 1986; Watts, 2003a, Watts, 2003b), there is little empirical evidence on the debt contracting benefits of conservatism.In this paper, I provide evidence on the ex post and ex ante benefits of conservatism to lenders and borrowers
  7. 4/2001 Standard & Poor's COMPUSTAT (North America) User's Guide iii Sales (Net) 6 Operating Margins 6 (Item) as a % of sales 6 Cash Flow Margin 7 Net Profit Margin (After-tax Profit Margin) 7 Operating Profit Margin After Depreciation

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  1. cRSP/cOmPUSTAT RELEASE NOTES December 2016 monthly UPDAte SUN SOLARIS SUPPORT ENDING In order to ensure that our subscribers continue to have robust and dependable data access, CRSP is retiring big-endian databases for use on Solaris platforms following publication of the December 2016 data cut that is available in January 2017. After this time CRSP stock and index databases will be available.
  2. us uses of working capital equals change in working capital. The cash flows since July 15, 1988 are structured as income plus indirect operating activities plus investing activities plus financing activities equals change in cash and cash equivalents. A disaggregated version of these statements is fairly lengthy and is therefore relegated t
  3. Mutual Funds and Mutual Fund Investing - Fidelity Investments. Clicking a link will open a new window. Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Default text size A; Larger text size A; Largest text size A; Introduction to Standard & Poor's Compustat Standard & Poor's Compustat—available in the Fidelity Research Center—is a leading source of this intelligence for financial market professionals. DST.
  4. Change in year to date funds from operation compustat. School Bocconi University; Course Title ECON 20256; Type. Essay. Uploaded By cicciozambi. Pages 129 Ratings 100% (1) 1 out of 1 people found this document helpful; This preview shows page 78 - 80 out of 129 pages..
  5. Funds from Operations - Other 60.941 -40.975 11.200 89.072 213.099 Funds from Operations - Total 535.303 271.867 527.800 872.470 1,215.618 Working Capital Changes - Other - Inc (Dec) 68.558 14.309 -14.700 237.282 -259.234 Cash Dividends 144.040 166.502 179.900 179.605 172.091 INVESTMENT


How Well Do Compustat NOL Data Identify Firms with U

3. Compustat Standard & Poor's Compustat provides the annual and quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items on most publicly held companies in North America. Financial data items are collected from a wide variety of sources including news wire services, news releases, shareholder reports, direc CRSP/COMPUSTAT RElEASE NOTES July 2017 AnnuAl uPDATE ABOUT THE JUly 2017 CRSP/COMPUSTAT MERGED DATABASE The cut date for these release notes is 20170709. This shipment includes the following version of the CRSP/ Compustat Merged Database: CMZ20170707- the CCM format database using Compustat's Xpressfeed delivery. DATABASE CHARACTERISTICS The following table summarizes general. COMPUSTAT North America (Standard & Poor's) Contents: COMPUSTAT North America (from Standard & Poor's) is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on more than 30,000 active and inactive publicly held companies. It provides more than 300 annual and 100 quarterly data items of Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Statements of Cash Flows, and supplemental data. COMPUSTAT North America files also contain information on indices, industry segments, banks, market prices. Although Compustat net operating loss (NOL) carryforward data (item #52) is an underlying component of most proxies of corporate tax incentives, there is little empirical evidence regarding how this data item relates to firms' tax-loss positions per their U.S. tax returns. (3) We conduct tests to examine how well Compustat NOL data identifies firms with U.S. tax return loss carryovers, common.

Operating income (sales - total operating expenses (OPEX) ) = (sales - sum of all expenses) Income before tax (not in Amadeus) Quick ratio ( Cash & cash equivalent + receivables (net) / current liabilities tota à CRSP_CCM=<full path name>/<compustat directory> (example: CRSP_CCM=~/crspdata/cmz201309 ) If you are using the bash shell (or any Bourne-style shell), enter the same commands above and export each one (COMPUSTAT item 13) and cash flow from operations (COMPUSTAT item 308), 17.5% and 25.4% of observations were negative, respectively. The sample is based on the full quarterly COMPUSTAT/CRSP merged file with the book value minimum cut-off at $10 million dollars. See also Givoly and Hayn (2000). 3One way to address the non-negativity shortcoming is to introduce operating leverage by. funds, institutional investment professionals count on Compustat for transparent, unbiased data. Our superior knowledge in data collection, standardization and presentation has allowed Compustat to provide top-quality data and industry-leading products for over 45 years, thus, allowing our clients to make their investment decisions with confidence

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Standard & Poor's COMPUSTAT® (North America) provides you with 20 years of annual and monthly data and up to 48 quarters of quarterly data for more than 21,000 U.S. and Canadian companies. The data described here is available through Standard & Poor's Research InsightSM (North America). Americas Internationa Information Compustat Global and North America (via WRDS) Books and journals; Newspapers. Subject guides; RUQuest; Radboud Repository; eJournals. Services Services. Borrowing Borrowing. Books, journals; Library card; Loan period; Borrow from other libraries (ILL) Borrow from other libraries (ILL) Conditions. Rate The Standard & Poor's COMPUSTAT database provides the annual and quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items on most publicly held companies. COMPUSTAT files also contain information on aggregates, industry segments, banks, market prices, dividends, and earnings. comp.auditfee. Audit Fee Dat where TA is the book value of total assets (Compustat item at), TL is the book value of total liabilities (lt), WC is working capital (wcap), CL are current liabilities (lct), CA are current assets (act), NI is net income (ni), NI 1 is the previous year net income, FFO are funds from operation (pi plus dp), I(TL>TA) is the dummy variable equal to 1 i

Compustat: A collection of databases with company data. This includes Compustat ExecuComp which contains extensive data on salaries and compensations of executives from firms in the US and Canada. Compustat Global provides financial and market data on more than eighty countries. Compustat North America contains financial information for active and inactive public companies from the US and Canada 110 SFOPI NUN 940 Funds from operations (stint of changes). 107 SFPPE NUM 901 Sale of PPE (stint of changes). 112 SFTOT NUN 966 Sources of funds -total (stmt of ch). hdr SIC NUN 73 Compustat 4-Digit Industry code hdr SMBL CHAR 9 Stock ticker symbol 17 SPECIAL NUN 329 Special items. 34 STDEBT NUM 550 Debt portion of current liabilitie

Graduate student at the Schools of Business Administration, University of California, Berkeley.Search for more papers by this autho Financial statements, same-store net operating income, and analyst estimates, including earnings per share, funds from operations, adjusted funds from operations, and net asset value; Acquisitions/dispositions updated daily, current and historic reported occupancy and rental rates, and development pipeline CRSP/Compustat Merged Database. Database allows for concurrent database access to CRSP's stock data and Compustat's fundamental data. The CRSP Link maps complex, many-to-many relationships over time between CRSP's unique permanent identifiers (PERMNO and PERMCO), and Compustat's unique permanent identifier (GVKEY). This link permits the seamless time series examination of CRSP and of Compustat companies and securities side by side, regardless of CUSIP or ticker changes Compustat and related information | Frankensaurus.com helping you find ideas, people, places and things to other similar topics. Topic. Compustat. Share. Companies similar to or like Compustat. Database of financial, statistical and market information on active and inactive global companies throughout the world. Wikipedia. S&P Global Ratings. American credit rating agency (CRA) and a division.

[New Constructs'] Total Adjustments [1] differs significantly from the items identified and excluded from Compustat's adjusted earnings measures. - pp. 14, 1 st para. Compustat adjustments explain only 26% to 53% of the variation in Total Adjustments. Jointly they explain 57%, leaving a significant amount of the variation in Total Adjustments unexplained. - Online Appendix pp. 1, Tag: Compustat Is Capital Being Reallocated to High-Tech Industries? Readers of this blog Because of the rise in shareholder power, the marginal use of funds for many corporations is no longer fixed investment, but increased payouts in the form of dividends and sharebuybacks. We're already seeing some backlash against this view; I expect we'll be seeing lots more. The claim on the. Compustat is a database of financial, statistical and market information on active and inactive global companies throughout the world. The service began in 1962. This database provides products directed at institutional investors, universities, bankers, advisors, analysts, and asset/portfolio managers in corporate, M&A, private capital, equity, and fixed incom Compustat North America Data . 12 0 Net operating assets (NOA) are a business's operating assets minus its operating liabilities. NOA is calculated by reformatting the balance sheet so that operating activities are separated from financing activities. This is done so that the operating performance of the business can be isolated and valued independently of the financing performance. Management is usually not responsible for.

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For a given firm-year, external finance dependence is the ratio of capital expenditures (Compustat item: capx) minus funds from operations (fopt) to capital expenditures Although Compustat net operating loss (NOL) carryforward data is an underlying component of most proxies of corporate tax incentives, there is little empirical evidence regarding how this data item relates to firms' tax-loss positions per their U.S. tax returns. We find that the use of additional Compustat data for U.S. current income tax or total pretax income works well in reducing. - Institutional and Mutual Fund Holdings - Ownership of securities at the institution level (e.g. Fidelity) - Ownership by mutual funds (e.g. Fidelity Magellan) US: Compustat North America Worldwide: WorldScope, Factset Fundamentals, Compustat Global Banks: Compustat Bank, BvD BankFocus Private: BvDOrbis, Amadeus US: CRSP, Compustat North America Worldwide: DataStream, Bloomberg US: CRSP. Balance of payments data show that U.S. firms repatriated $777 billion in 2018, roughly 78 percent of the estimated stock as of end-2017 of offshore cash holdings. Repatriation was strongest in the first half of 2018, when $510 billion was brought back, and continued throughout 2018, albeit at a slower pace (figure 1) Our analysis indicates that the debt increases are used primarily to fund operating needs rather than either to swap equity for debt or to make a large cash payout. Of the 2,314 leverage increases, we identify long-term investment (predominantly acquisitions and increased capital expenditures) as the primary use of funds in 1,548 cases (67%). In another 541 cases (23%), the funds are used.

CRSP/ComPuStat ReleaSe NoteS 2009 annual update about the 2009 CRSp/CompuStat meRged databaSe IQ180 - EPS from Operations (Diluted) - 12 Month Moving OEPSXQ , OEPSXY NEW CURRENCy CoDE MZN was added as a new Currency Code for the Mozambique . 2009 annual u pdate CRSP/Com P u S tat Relea S e Note S 2 ChangeS to link hiStoRy output The link history extracted from the new CCM database. (Compustat) EBITDA/Assets The ratio of EBITDA to book value of total assets as of the prior fiscal year end. (Compustat) Freq. of secondary share issuance The proportion of SEO firms that offer both primary and secondary shares. (SDC) Hedge fund ownership (HF) The percentage of the event firm shares held by hedge funds in aggregate (T-Reuter September 04, 2018. U.S. Corporations' Repatriation of Offshore Profits. Michael Smolyansky, Gustavo Suarez, and Alexandra Tabova 1. Abstract: We investigate how companies with large holdings of cash abroad have used those funds following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which eliminated prior tax disincentives on the repatriation of foreign earnings Every business must assess where to invest its funds and regularly reevaluate the quality and risk of its existing investments. Investment theory specifies that firms should invest in assets only if they expect them to earn more than their risk-adjusted hurdle rates. Knowing a business' cost of capital allows a comparison of different ways of financing its operations. For example, increasing. Operating earnings differs from EBIT because it is constructed from the top of the income statement down, where EBIT is constructed from the bottom up. Calculating operating earnings from the top down standardizes the metric, making a comparison across companies, industries and sectors possible, and, by excluding special items-non-recurring income-ensures that this income is related only.

Although hedge fund activism is widely discussed and fundamentally important, it remains poorly understood. Much of the commentary on hedge fund activism is based on supposition or anecdotal evidence. Critics and regulators question whether hedge fund activism benefits shareholders, while numerous commentators claim that hedge fund activists destroy value by distracting managers from long. Financial Statements-Compustat Template. The simple financial statements query contains only the data items highlighted in yellow; the full financial statements query under construction) contains all the data items listed below. These financial statements are derived from the . Compustat (Global) Data Guide. The query Type Is CRSP/Compustat Access (ccm) and the data is annual. General.

Starting with operating profit, then deducting the adjusted tax charge (because tax charge includes the tax benefit of interest). Therefore, we should multiply the interest by the tax rate and add this to the tax charge; or ; Start with profit after tax and adding back the net cost of interest Interest Expense Interest expense arises out of a company that finances through debt or capital. If not, they may push management to liquidate some non-operating assets and return the funds to investors in the form of a dividend or stock buyback. It is also useful to divide sales by total operating assets and observe on a trend line the ability of management to minimize its asset investment for each dollar of revenue. A sign of excellent management is a company that can continually. Operating Systems • Unix Logon:Large Data Manipulation • PC SAS/CONNECT: Interactive Interface . Financial Information by Source A Public Company Securities: Stock, Bond Derivatives: Options, CDS Accounting Executive Compensation Equity Ownership Syndicated Loan Financial Analyst Forecast Corporate Events Institutional Investors Hedge Fund Performance Mutual Fund Performance Equity.

Her research spans the fields of management accounting and operations research. Anderson's research has been funded by grants from professional accounting organizations such as the AICPA, the IIA, the IMA and CIMA, and from national research organizations such as the National Science Foundation and the Australian Research Council. Anderson joined the Graduate School of Management faculty in. Compustat & others IBES, FirstCall, & others ‐ BS, IS, and CF numbers from 10‐K, 10‐Q filings ‐ Quarterly and Annual Freqs Quarterly and Annual Freqs (observed with lags) (observed with lags) ‐ Financial, Accounting, and Industry Specific Data (e.g. SSS, Verified Oil Reserves) ‐ Executive Compensation Dat Strategy Behaviors of Firms in Times of External Shocks and their Impact on Operating Performance: An Event Study . We use the Execucomp database to obtain executive. USING CRSP AND COMPUSTAT AN INTRODUCTION Prepared by: Patricia Ledesma Michael Faulkender January 31, 2001 1. Kellogg Research Computing 2. Wharton Research Data Services 3.

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Request PDF | Earnings management through discretionary accruals: Evidences from COMPUSTAT | This study examines the existence and prevalence of earnings management behaviour through Discretionary. To make the operating margins comparable across the sample, we subtracted the median operating margin for the appropriate industry and year (obtained from Compustat) from the company's actual operating margin to obtain an adjusted operating margin. The adjusted operating margin indicates how much more (less) profitable a company in the sample is with respect to its industry during a given year Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit Compustat North - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen Octave Data buttons shift the keyboard up or down in one octave increments The right button shifts the keyboard upward (i e , note C3 becomes C4) while the left button shifts the keyboard downward Note that octave shift is already the primary mode of operation for the Data Buttons If you set the Data parameter to Octave, both the primary and user-defined operation of the Data Buttons will be octave shift This means the Data Buttons cannot [... Compustat Guide - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. Compustat Guid

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